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Weighted Wraparound

Product image 1Weighted Wraparound
Product image 2Weighted Wraparound
Product image 3Weighted Wraparound
Product image 4Weighted Wraparound
Product image 5Weighted Wraparound
Product image 6Weighted Wraparound
Product image 7Weighted Wraparound
Product image 8Weighted Wraparound
Product image 9Weighted Wraparound

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  • Built your puck-handling strength (Not for Slap Shots or heavy shooting)
  • NEW toe area for a better contour and fit
  • Now only weighs 79 grams
  • More durable than ever before
  • Tapered to fit a wider range of sticks (all major brands)
  • Fits both junior and senior sticks
  • Contours to your stick curve
  • Takes less than 60 seconds to attach
  • Works with left and right sticks
  • Extends the life of your stick

Weighted Wraparound allows you to use your favorite ice hockey stick off the ice without fear of damaging the blade. For the first time transitioning from off-ice to on and vice versa is possible.

Product Note - When removing the Weighted Wraparound from your hockey stick make sure not to unroll the toe section as this can cause breakage. Simply un-tape the unit and remove it in form.
UPC: 748252186591 



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