Ambassador Program

Want to join the HWA team? 

We have been blown away by the amount of requests from the hockey world over the past few weeks from people whom want to be an ambassador for our brand. Well get your gear on cause here's your chance!

We will be offering our ambassador's the opportunity to win free Wraparounds, apparel among other items based on performance. Ambassador's will also get the first looks at new products and inside information regarding our brand. Perhaps most important, we will rely on our ambassadors to provide feedback and thoughts on how we can make Hockey WrapAround the best it can be.

If you want to become a Hockey WrapAround Ambassador read ALL of the below information and then email us your information at info@hockeywraparound.us with the word "Ambassador" in the subject. If you are selected we will send you all the info on how to redeem prizes and other items.

Firstly, we would like you to answer a few questions for us:

Why do you want to become an ambassador?

What does hockey mean to you?

What do you think you can bring to HWA?

Where are you based?

Do you belong to a hockey club?

Secondly, read the below info before sending your email:

Don’t ask for a Free WrapAround right away – Buy or use your existing Wraparound when starting to promote. If we choose you as an ambassador we will give you the opportunity to earn free products from us depending on your performance. Think of it like ice time: if you give your all, are a team player and put points on the board – you’ll stay in the game!

Know about our brand and product – If you want to represent us, you’ve got to know about us. Check out our about us page and Youtube channel to learn more.

Show us what you got – Promote Hockey WrapAround and Hockey Achievements on your page(s) using #HockeyWrapAround and we will notice.

Will we sponsor you? Probably not right now as we are a growing business.

Thats all! Email us your information at info@hockeywraparound.us with the word "Ambassador" in the subject and we will get back to you soon.