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Hockey Wrap Around Blog: Garage Days

Author: Lee Elias  

I remember that when I came home from school as a kid, there were only two things I wanted to do: play/practice hockey and watch Star Trek (don’t judge!). Playing hockey at that time either meant heading to the rink for practice or strapping on my roller blades to challenge my next-door neighbor in a match of street hockey.  While both on ice and off ice practicing helped to develop our skating skill sets, it didn’t do much for shooting and passing.

A few years later my Dad would take me to a local hardware store where we bought a piece of sheet metal and some WD-40. The thought process was simple - put the sheet metal outside the garage (where my hockey net resided), spray it down and I should be able to simulate shooting actual pucks off it like ice with my game stick. The idea worked pretty well. Each evening I’d go out to the garage and take 500 shots at the net (much more than I would get at any practice or roller game). My accuracy improved greatly in addition to my shot speed. My shot got so strong that I created a few holes in the garage concrete wall in addition to collapsing an over-head wooden shelf (lucky I didn’t get grounded for that one). However, because the metal sheet was only four square feet, it limited my ability to try moves and practice handling the puck into shooting.  

Fast forward to three weeks ago (more than a decade since taking my last shots in the garage) when the Hockey Wrap Around was introduced to me. My first thought was literally “Why didn’t I think of that” followed quickly by “this is so genius and so simple. All hockey players should have this!” It provided so many training solutions for players regardless of age.

The first time I tried it, although excited, I was a bit skeptical. I had a lot of questions that you have all asked: Will it weight down my stick, Does it effect performance, How long will it last? , etc. (Check out the FAQ page for some of those answers). I attached the Wrap Around to my stick, taped it, threw a Green Biscuit puck on the ground, and carefully started to puck handle. After a few minutes I started to take some shots on a net we had set up. A few minutes after that I started practicing moves (i.e. wrap-arounds, deeks, trick plays), then to cap it off I took a few slap shots and one-timers. Everything felt completely natural (for playing on asphalt). Then came the moment of truth – how did this blade protector hold up.

I secretly cringed at the thought that I might have ruined my $250 stick. But low and behold, nothing – not a scratch. While the Wrap Around had some wear, it had completely protected my stick and was ready to be used again if needed. I also realized around this time that I was sweating like crazy. I had been playing around for nearly an hour.

It was almost if I had come full circle from being a kid. There was finally a solution for building puck handling, shooting and soft hands with your game stick off the ice. It also eliminated the need to use another stick or be limited by a shooting pad or small synthetic ice.

After my little test run (which turned into our first video) I was given the privilege to join the Hockey Wrap Around team. Our first couple weeks have been amazing! We have had orders from all around the world and there is a lot of excitement from everyone. Your support has been nothing short of inspiring to us and we thank you for that.

We look forward to seeing pictures and videos of you using your Wrap Around when they arrive and also getting feedback from you. This is just the beginning friends and we are looking forward to working with all of you to make the Hockey Wrap Around the best it can possibly be!

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